Who We Are

The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition was established first in 2012 as the South East Regional Coastal Coalition (SERCC) by the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition and the Scituate Coastal Coalition.   The original goal was to create a regional group that networked communities, citizens groups, and other coastal stakeholders. After several successful regional meetings, the SERCC leadership team decided there was a need to focus on the other associations they were members of, and the group stopped meeting.


In 2013, with the passing of the Biggert-Waters Act, the Marshfield and Scituate Coastal Coalitions felt that there was once again a regional need. Over several months, and starting in 2014, the SERCC was rebooted and re-branded as the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition. Under this umbrella, the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition (MCC) connects several grassroots coalitions, organizations and leaders in coastal issues with communities all over Massachusetts, and sometimes even beyond. The MCC is active working on projects such as the 2017 NFIP Reform and the 2016 Flood Insurance Summit.


The mission statement for the MCC is to represent citizens of the coast and give them an active voice in coastal issues at the state and national level, along with keeping citizens, communities and stakeholders informed on coastal issues that affect them. We achieve this in three simple ways: advocating, representing, and educating.


There is no Chair or executive board for the MCC. The group relies on the leadership within the citizens coalitions and groups that make up the MCC to function. There are two coordinators of the MCC: Dave Ball from the Scituate Coastal Coalition, and Joe Rossi from the Marshfield Coastal Coalition.  The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition does not meet regularly, and is activated based on issues and needs at the time.  The MCC does meet regularly via conference call.